Sunday, December 18, 2005


We arrived tired and happy to be home on Friday night. Saturday we picked up Daisy from the kennel and ran a couple of errands. One of which was dropping into REI to find me a winter coat. I had already driven shmoo crazy with the LL Bean Catalogue at my mom's. I want a super warm great winter coat, but I don't want to pay that super price. Finally I picked what I wanted out of the catalog with the intention of ordering it online. Turns out they are out of two of the three things I wanted. So we tried REI. That too was a bust, so I came home and re-evaluated my LL Bean order. I ended up ordering a windproofed fleece and a different, but better, pair of boots. I hope they arrive soon. When they get here we are taking the fleece back to REI with the hope that it will fit into one of the shells there. I never knew coats were so complicated! To top all the coat drama off, I left my new pink cord jacket at my mom's house, so now I REALLY want that order to arrive soon.

So I went to Kroger and they had White Lily products on sale for 99 cents a bag. I stocked up.

And before you think, "Oh my God at all the flour!!!" please remember that I can't buy it up here in the great white north. I got two bags of All Purpose, 6 bags of Self Rising (cause it's just easier, at least for me, I am lazy), and 1 bag of the Buttermilk Cornmeal. Yes, I spent a whole 9 bucks on flour. There is no way I could have managed to get it cheaper, especially once you consider shipping for each of the 5lb bags. Also, one bag is a small gift to someone I know who really loves to cook and mentioned she would like to try it. Possibly two bags if she wants an all purpose and self rising. Slowly, White Lily will take over, and when it does, maybe I can finally buy it up here.

Ok, so yeah, as for the knitting.....

On my Jaywalker, I got ready to start the heel and realized that my printout of the pattern, well it was out in my book in the back of my car. It was late, cold, wet, and dark. I decided it could wait.

Then, because I wanted to knit while we watched CSI, and I didn't want to go out for the pattern, I started on the Armwarmers. I swatched. I measured my arm in circumference in inch intervals from my elbow to my knuckles. I worked out pattern measurements and decreases. I did some math. I made notes. I cast on. I am only as far as the ribbing, and I see that it's a little loose. I guess that's ok, there is no need for it to be super snug, is there? It's an experiment. I can always frog it. I'll keep telling myself that while I work on it. Maybe I won't hate it when I am done. I plan to finish the Jaywalkers first however.

On a random side note: Shmoo got to eat at a Waffle House for the first time ever on our way home. I was proud to see the northern Waffle Houses held the same standards as the southern ones (None). While it wasn't as good as Waffle House at 3 AM when you are drunk and just back from Buckhead, it was still pretty darn good.

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yahaira said...

wow that's a lot of flour! but you know what? I do the exact same thing if it's something I can't get near by. My father doesn't understand why I need to get canned beans when I visit, he just doesn't get it.

The jaywalkers are looking lovely! Turn the heel!