Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Slight of hand, turn of heel.

I have completed my first ever heel flap. I have turned my first heel. I have worked this ancient magic using only my hands, small pointy sticks, and yarn. I will be a sock knitter.


Anonymous said...


- penny

Thorny said...

Hey, that's KnitPicks Simple Stripes, isn't it? I think it really works with the Jaywalker pattern, even! Ms. Grumperina had said that self-patterning yarns like that wouldn't look right with the pattern, but I think that works really well. With a busier kind of self-patterning, it probably wouldn't, but the Simple Stripes are great!

Hmm... now to resist the lure of spending all of my Christmas mad money on yarn!

Thorny said...

Oh dur! And congrats on turning your first heel! It's like magic, isn't it? I did my first a few months ago, and I have to warn you - it's deceptively addictive. :D

Ruth said...

Careful ... sock knitting is addictive! And it looks like you're well on your way. Nice Jaywalkers!