Thursday, October 27, 2005

1 inch, 2 inch...

3 inch, 4. 4 inches! I have knit 4 inches!!! Muahahaahahahahaa! (Done in the Sesame Street Count's voice.)

I have made it to 4 inches on the ribbing. It took one skein of the wool of the andes to do it. This means I will need to order more of the dark blue for the cables I want to do on the sleeves. I worry a bit about not having enough light blue now as well for the center. Perhaps it will be fine.


I do think that wool is way stretchier than acrylic and it's nice to work with, so that's a plus. Also, I did my first join between skeins tonight. That was pretty nifty as well. I hate weaving ends.

Also, after conferring with another knitting friend today, we decided I am a slow knitter because I knit English style, and wrap the yarn around instead of knitting continental. But I have to knit that way, if I hold the yarn in my left hand, then my brain thinks crochet. If I hold it in the right and wrap then my brain understands I want to knit. If I hold the yarn in my left hand and try to knit, my motor skills rebel immediately. It's not a pretty thing.

I am guessing I will just have to be a slow knitter.

OH! and my Jayne Hat kit came today! Thanks Heather, you put together an awesome package!!!


MrsIrB said...

Hihi! Is Katie!

Oh, I love the Ikea thing! I now have to go get one. My son has one for his animals, but I never thought of using one for stash.

Laura said...

It's great. Maybe the best $3.99 shmoo has ever spent!