Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Boyfriend Sweater?

Shmoo wants a sweater. He KNOWS about the boyfriend sweater curse and still wants a sweater. Nevermind that I haven't done a sweater before either, so his would be my first one and could therefore suck really badly, he wants a sweater. So now I want to make him a sweater. Well, I did before but I was resisting the urge pretty well. I have already told him he can't have a boyfriend sweater, but that he can have a husband sweater.. one day, AFTER we get married. But it's hard to resist. He appreciates that I make stuff. Whether that is soap, or lip balm, or lotion or a knit hat. (OK, he doesn't USE the lip balm and lotion, but he appreciates that I can and do make it. He didn't make fun of the amount of bath and body product making supplies I have, nor the mock the numerous bits of soap I have in the shower from testing different recipes.) It's harder to resist a plea to make something for someone you love when they appreciate it.

So... what's the verdict? Is the boyfriend sweater really cursed? I await your opinions (while I look at men's sweater patterns).


eunny said...

Hmm. I made a sweater for Jeff this past summer, and we're doing okay. I think the idea of a "curse" is just a function of statistics. You should go for it someday - mansweaters are big projects, but they're a lot of fun, and the recipient is always a lot happier/prouder than he'd ever admit.

shmoo said...

yes. I deserve a sweater. Some might even call it entitled. Those people are communists. Also, I cannot be killed by conventional weaponry and shiny things confuse me.

Laura said...

Yes dear, point taken. We shall see.

And thanks for the SANE comments Eunny. :)

shmoo said...

ooh! shiny!