Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Shrug it off.

So my wool came in. All Knit Picks of course. This is my first time ordering from them but I like the yarn. Shadow lace yarn in Lost lake. Wool of the Andes in Hyacinth and Chambray. The wool of the Andes will become my craftster shrug.

So then I finally got home and did a baby swatch on my size 8's. It came out to just a touch over 5 stitches per inch. I decided to do the measurements as if it were 5 exactly.

So then I did the planning and used my meager math skills. My drawing skills really aren't that hot either, but you get the gist.

And then I cast on. I started out with straight size 8s and after casting on and setting up the first two rows I switched to my size 7 addis, for both ease of use and to trim down my gauge a tiny bit.

The great white north (OK, Maryland) will NOT defeat me! I will be warm in my craftster shrug!

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