Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mug Shots.

Today I went to visit my Mom, Stepfather, and brother. I kissed my brother and told him he wasn't allowed to scare me like that anymore. I gave him shmoo's message of "Hey, once you learn how to drive, you can come visit us in Maryland." He grinned at the message, so I think the humor it was said in was appreciated. I could be wrong. I'm just his sister.

We went to the 41st Annual Chiaha Craft Fair. It was ok. There were only two homemade soap vendors there. One's booth was just ok. The other one had it going on. She had vision. About both her product and the way it was represented. I was impressed. I have no idea if her soap was impressive however, because I didn't really look to closely at it. The packaging was drool worthy. If I didn't make my own stuff, I surely would have bought from her. And she had cinnamon flavor lipbalm. That is intriguing, perhaps I will try it some time.

There were several, and by several I mean MANY, pottery booths. I bought two mugs for the new household. I paid $10.00 a piece for them. This is funny because just 3 days ago I gave shmoo total shit for being willing to pay $12.00 for pottery mugs. I pointed out the Ikea mugs that were only .50 cents and said it was ridiculous to pay $12.00 for something to drink coffee from. I called him to let him know I had bought them and he could mock me. These are the mugs.

My stepfather also gave me two ceramic mugs. The guy that made them has some stuff in the Smithsonian, so he's apparently famous. I can't read his name from the bottom, so I shall remain unenlightened as to his greatness. They are nice mugs. Here is a picture of one of them.
And finally, because you know, this post just hasn't been near long enough... My mom gave me a ceramic sea turtle for my birthday. She went ahead and gave it to me since I will be gone when my birthday gets here. I think I will try to rework the soap website logo, when I reopen it, to include my new turtle friend. P.S. I just added the verification for comments. I got tired of editing the comments for hot dates and pr0n. I hope it's not too much of a pain for any legitimate readers who wish to say something.

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