Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Slow and steady?

It occurs to me that I am a rather slow knitter. I realize this could be because I haven't been doing it that long, but regardless.... SLOW. It takes me a approximately 15 minutes to complete a row on the ribbing part of my shrug. There are 6 rows to an inch and I am doing 12 inches on each side. So that's 72 rows per end. 1080 minutes for each side. Which comes to 18 hours. Just for one side of ribbing. So I will have about 36 hours of knitting in just the ribbing. I have no idea how long the feather and fan section will take. It's less stitches but I have to pay attention to the pattern. I don't think I will have this finished before I move. Nowhere close.

And I realized the other day that I was doing the YO on my purl stitches backwards. It doesn't make a difference in how it looks, but it does make a difference in how it sits on the needles. So now I have to concentrate on wrapping counter clockwise. It's getting easier. Bit by bit.

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