Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I <3 Eunny!

Yesterday, Eunny and I met at a coffee shop to go yarning. It was the first time I have met someone from blogging and the first time I was meeting up with a fellow knitter. I was SO nervous. But it turns out that Eunny is as great in person as she is in her blog and we had an absolute blast. We talked for ages, we ate Indian, we went to yarn shops and spent money!

We went to Knit and Stitch Equals Bliss, which has no website to link to and apparently was formerly known as The Needlework Loft. Here is a picture from their store.

I was happy to note that they carry Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky!! (and worsted.) And they had a lovely claret red I wanted to buy but I have so much stash for stuff that I haven't made yet, I made myself wait.

Then we went to International Yarns. The ladies there were very friendly and informative. They have a lot of knowledge regarding Fair Isle, which Eunny is learning more about. They even suggested several really great books for Fair Isle (that weren't written by Alice Starmore!!). I also realized that the cool book of bags I have is "Folk Bags" and is part of the "Folk" series. I am going to let Eunny borrow it for a while next time we get together, as it has lots of crazy hard (for me) stuff to do and I know she'll make great use of it.

International Yarn had the nicest staff in a yarn store I have ever experienced. They were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. And while they don't carry Lamb's Pride Bulky, they do carry lots of Dale and some really nice natural shetland wool for Fair Isle knitting. They have lots of really nice yarn. I plan on going back. They also have sweaters and scarves and stuff that they have made from the books they sell. Which is great. You can see X scarf, from Y book, made with Z yarn. You can touch it, and feel it, and really know if you want to make it. That was pretty kickass as well.

So here's my loot from International Yarn. I got two 32" size one Addis, and a set of size 0 dpns. This is so I can make the jaywalker, and various other, socks. I had 2's and 3's in both circs and dpns, but didn't have the 0's and 1's, so that was my splurge for yesterday. I so can't wait to start the Jaywalkers now!! But I will. I am going to finish my Christmas gift hats, and my scarf. (Not in that order per se) Then I will finish my starter socks. And THEN I will start the Jaywalker socks with my fancy new tiny tiny needles!

A day spent with a knitting friend is a fabulous and wonderful thing. I love meeting people that you just click with. I can't wait to do it again!

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kate said...

very cool! i have yet to meet a blog friend in person. it's funny how you can get to know peeps through their posts! and eunny is amazing, isn't she?? that girl sure can knit!