Sunday, February 19, 2006

Curses, Foiled Again!

I moved the shawl to my US 5 Bryspuns, but my goodness that join is horrible!!

So I started over on US 1s. I like the fabric better, and the lace pattern is more apparent over all. So I have trucked along.... And am now at the same place I was before, Row 19.

As I was completing Row 19, disaster struck. One of my US 1 Addi Natura circulars snapped! The one in my right hand to be specific. Right at the join of the bamboo and the metal. *Sigh.* *Cuss.* *Mutter.* I suppose I wanted to go to the LYS today after all, I just didn't realize it.

Hrmm..... I have some metal sock dpns, perhaps I can use those without going crazy.


Further Frustraions.

I am now on row 32 of chart 2, and it's going along fine, but there are other problems cropping up with this KAL, and I have decided that instead of stirring up the list, I will just say them here, in my space, where no one is forced to observe my opinion unless they seek to do so.

There were problems with MS2. The charts were wrong several times. Many little errors here and there. The designer polled if people would be willing to pay a small fee in order to participate, and most said yes, but it was clear that if paying, they would want to be able to see the finished product first if they so chose, and they would also want no errors in the charts, and none of the problems that had occured with MS2.

And thus MS3 begins. And we all paid $3 dollars this time just to participate. And we are able to view the final product, and it IS indeed beautiful. But the charts have errors. The charts have errors because the designer uploaded the wrong charts.

Now then, here is where the ranting begins.

The fucking charts are wrong... again! I ( and currently 214 people besides the designer) paid $3 dollars to test knit this damn lace shawl. I JUST FREAKING PAID SOMEONE TO TEST FREAKING KNIT SOMETHING FOR THEM. She knew she had incorrect charts and uploaded the wrong ones. WHY would you keep charts that were incorrect? Why? And why wouldn't you check them before you upload them? Every time someone posts something they think is an error, many hours later, or the next day, she confirms it as correct, or says "oops sorry!"

And one lady on the list expressed her frustrations along the same lines as mine, and immediately someone responed about how the designer was doing us a favor letting us knit this shawl so cheaply, and how she's available to us at any time, and we should be more appreciative, blah blah blah.

Excuse me? The last time I checked, you didn't pay people to test-knit their shit. They either ask you nicely because you are a friend, or they offer to pay you. So I don't feel appreciative about all this. At this point, I am irritated and grumpy about the whole thing. I have paid $3 bucks for something that, while lovely, is flawed. And to get an unflawed copy of this pattern, I have to pay another 3.50 once all this crap is over, for a total of $6.50. And I am test-knitting. And I am frustrated because she even promised before we got started that she was knitting from these very same charts herself and there would be no problems with them. So far there have been 9. And I have to replace my Addi Naturas.

And this is only the first week.

At this point, I think I am done with MS3. I will do some other lace pattern that doesn't make me want to cry in frustration, and write off my lost 3 bucks and the cost of new addis. I have not given up on lace, just on this KAL.

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