Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Project: Failure

Project: Failure

I was making a stealth knit hat. It was being made with Lana Grossa Bingo, in color 20 (100%merino). It was to be shmoo's Team Zissou hat, and it was to be his Valentine's Day gift. I loved the way it knit up. It was thick, and it had sproing! It would have been wonderfully warm.

Unfortunately, it left pink streaks across my hand, and turned the tips of my Addi Naturas pink. To me, this meant I was going to have to wash it to insure my beloved did not end up with random pink about his person.

So I gave this wonderfully, tight looking (it looked like stockinette, despite being 1 x 1 rib), perfect hat a cold bath. The yarn decided the water was really really relaxing. It unfurled, and stretched, and GREW. I cussed.

I laid it out flat to dry, because I knew that the-glass-head-formerly-known-as-mr-wooley would keep it too stretched out. Alas, it was no use.

Instead of Team Zissou, it's more like Mush-mouth from Fat Albert. Even if I were to fold up the brim and sew it up, it would still be too big. I am going to try to felt it, but the hand tests so far aren't turning out well. It's not superwash, so it should do just fine, but it's not felting up at all. Perhaps a turn or two with the jeans will do the trick.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

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