Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gotta Bitch

If listening to me complain is not your thing, I'd pass this one by.

I used to have Used to. It was a gift from an ex for my birthday. And he wanted to make it difficult to transfer over. So I said fine, just let it expire, I'll renew. Well the company that had it, didn't make it available, and then I found out their policy was 40 days if they recieved no word from the customer. Well the ex emailed and called them and they still didn't release it, and then 40 days passed, and still not released. So I check it on Monday, still not released, but getting close. The status is now something like "almostreleased". So I check it today, and another url company bought it, ON MONDAY and it now belongs to a division of that company called afternic and they want 200 dollars TO START for this url.

Excuse me? Has someone lost their mind? TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!! No. No way. In hell. I don't sell but MAYBE a bar of soap a year, if that. I mostly use it for my email server and to host my picture gallery. I'll change everything about my "soapturtle"ness first. I mean.. soapsalamander has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

After much debate, I just do the easiest thing and register Then I emailed afternic and told them they could keep my .com and I hope they enjoyed sitting on it. And now I am working out the particulars with GoDaddy to get it pointed back to my server so I can have my website back.

So to sum this up:

Dear Afternic,

Die in a fire.


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