Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Your Knitting Style Sucks!

That's the tongue-in-cheek motto for our brand-spanking-new Columbia Knitting Group. It was great! I had such a good time meeting everyone. It's cool to meet people that you had no idea were so local to you that share your interests. Poor shmoo, I was a little late getting back because I just kept blabbling, and he wasn't worried....yet. Had I been 10 minutes later getting home, he would have started calling.

It was great fun dishing about the LYSs and who had the best deals and the nicest staff. I learned a lot. I am always wanting the best deal and the nicest staff when I want to spend my money, so I filed tons of information away for later.

If you want to check out who else was there, their blogs are listed in the sidebar under "Columbia Knit Nighters." Otherwise, you can just take my word that Coleen, Sarah, Lolly, Amie, and Eunny are all great people. I look forward to the next meet up!


Coleen said...

Hey! Your knitting style sucks! :)

It was great to meet you last night! Love your accent and your hand lotion. (wow, that sounds a little strange doesn't it?)

till next time!

PuppyMomma said...

Hey you delicate southern flower dammit! It was so great meeting you and chatting, and your knitting style does suck. I can't wait to be the beneficiary of some handmade soap! Bubbly, woo hoo!

Amie said...

Your knitting style sucks so much it inspired us all!

Lolly said...

It seems that since I had to leave early, I missed out on a lot! Hand lotion? and knitting style sucks. I wish I could have stayed longer ;)

Great to meet you!