Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Pattern: Dog Turtleneck
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft, Lt Orchard Peach
Yardage: No idea, less than a skein
Needles: Addi Natura circs in US 6, Brittany Birch US 4 dpns
Modifications: I didn't use that froofroo fake fur stuff, I shorted the leg cuffs by 1.5 inches and the collar by 1 inch.

Sometimes I give in to the urges of having a cute little dog that likes to wear clothes. This took about a day and a half. I am considering making another, not using the garter stitch at all. I think ribbing for the entire thing would be better, especially because Daisy is so big in the chest for such a tiny thing. It would also be more flexible in general, and I think she would like that better. At least now she won't be shivering when she goes out on the porch.

The serious pose is at the top, the cute pose just below, followed by the "I am bored with this now" shot. :)


Penny said...

Sexy, sexy, Daisy ;-)

Great pix, L! Glad to see she is braving the cold with flair :-D
- penny

yahaira said...

awww so cute!

eunny said...

Oh, my God, I'm dying here! So adorable!

Heidi said...

Bobby says he would "like to buy that puppy." :)

AndrewHobbs said...

That's the prettiest rat I've ever seen.


Cutie said...

awwww, what a cutie! I totally want that dog!!!!

ZantiMissKnit said...

I just found your blog thru the Odessa KAL.

I love that little dawg! Doesn't that breed shiver whether they wear a sweater or not?