Friday, February 17, 2006

Mystery Shawl 3 Begins

Today was the first clue. At this moment, I am on Chart 2, Row 17. I knit lace so very very slowly. It's almost painful. I am enjoying myself however and that is what counts. I have a nice stretched out picture, courtesy of shmoo's hands. He's a sweet boy for being so co-operative whilst I was taking the picture. Actually, he humors my knitting very well.

So far the only modifications are In chart 1, Row 5, I added a YO to correct some math issues between charts, which 10 minutes later was corrected in a new chart, but I didn't want to start completely over. I used Emily Ocker's circular cast on method, and it's so damn fiddley with dpns right when you first get going. I wasn't going to go through it a third time if I could help it.

I also modified chart 2 row 13 because the symmetry was off and it felt wrong. I just made the left side mirror the right side and kept going.

This is my first time doing a lace pattern with a lace yarn, and the first time I have used a life-line, but I feel it's necessary. Hopefully, I won't need them and will just cut them out when I am done.

I have 46 rows left before this first chart is complete. But so far, I am pleased with the pattern.

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MrsIrB said...

It's weird, but I kind of dig how the lifeline looks...