Sunday, February 12, 2006

Heavy Laden Branches

To the delight of shmoo, it snowed yesterday. I took pictures for my family back home. It would seem the lovely Georgia winter in Maryland has come to an end. The trees are heavy laden with their burdens like tired old men shuffling up the drive to their doors.

This was yesterday as it started to snow.

This was early this morning as shmoo went to work.

This is our porch, covered completely in snow.

This was several hours later as things started to warm up.

Ok, enough with the weather. On to the knitting!

I made some progress on my felted bag Friday night. Not a lot, but some. I am just (barely) over the halfway mark now and hope to be done and felting by the end of this week.
I also started yet another project. I know, I know.. I have enough already, but…I had to! I am donating some yarn to a local group that does stuff for project Linus. As I was going thru the stash, I came across the Lion Brand Thick n Quick Chenille I used for hats last year. I asked shmoo if he wanted one made of it because it is really warm, otherwise I was giving the yarn away. He said he thought it would look like a pimp-hat, but would take a look at a swatch. So I swatched. He didnt like it, but I thought it would be great in the square entrelac panels that make up Knittys Danica. So I started it last night, because it doesnt count when the project is stash-busting right? I am using size 11s and it is about a foot and a half across. It is going to be a huge scarf. I have different amounts of yarn left so the color pattern will progressively become monotone as I just use up what I have until nothing is left. It should be interesting anyway. And who doesnt need a warm scarf with all that snow?

I leave you with a picture of a pitiful Daisy, desperate for love and attention from shmoo. I remember when she was my dog. *sigh* :)

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