Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting Olympics/State of Affairs

(All current projects highlighted in bold)

Today at 2pm your local time, The Knitting Olympics begins.
I will be cheering everyone on from the sidelines, just as I do with the actual Olympics, because I am not participating.

Don't misunderstand. It's a great idea. Fabulous in fact. But it's just not for me this time around. Instead I will continue to tinker as I normally do and perhaps try to finish up some projects I have open. But not because it's the Knitting Olympics, but because MS3 shawl starts next Friday and I would like to have some things cleared up before then so I can focus on it. The first week and possibly the second, it won't matter, because the clues should be small. The last weeks will be a bear and I want to be ready. I am sure I will be a frogging queen.
And oh yeah, regarding that swatch, mine WAS wrong. It was a bit of pattern from knitting done in the round, so you had to make adjustments on each side to make it match the chart. I still like the leafy bits better. I did about half of a reswatch, and I am considering going down to sz 5 circs. Maybe if I can get some Bryspuns in time. :)

In fact, I had to frog the entirety of my second Odessa hat last night because I had a mistake I couldn't fix, my lifeline didn't work, and finally I just gave up in frustration and started over. I am almost back to where I was before frogging.

Tonight we are baby-sitting so I figure I'll work more on the felted bag, since it's just stockinette, and while I don't want to do 10 inches of stockinette in the round, I do want to be done with this bag. And besides, it's not hard to fix plain stockinette when you are interrupted. I think we are taking the Fraggle Rock box set with us. Good clean entertainment for kids of about their age.

Then there are the socks for which I need to make mates. Jaywalker and Geisha. And my Clapotis, that needs to be done too. I also need to start Clapotis for the Mother's Day gifts I am giving.... That's a lot of clapping!

And then there is that Batman Intarsia project that has sat neglected. It's really still in idea phase. And I do think about it now and then, but I would like to actually have some physical progress done on it so I know if it will really work or not. But that has to wait until the Clapotis are done. Deadlines come before ideas darn it!

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knitabulous said...

I saw your print'o'the wave stole-along post on crafster but couldn't get the thread up - dang machines!
I would love to join you in a knitalong of it - after the ms3 is fini (I didn't join it but have plenty to carry on with anyway).

So if you're interested, come to my blog, leave a comment or shoot me an email and we'll talk.