Monday, February 20, 2006

Knitting Podcasts.

I was going to do a review today on what I thought about several of the knitting podcasts our there. But I have changed my mind. Generally speaking, I don't like most of them, and those people are really putting themselves out there and I wouldn't want my opinion to discourage them, or anyone else who wants to podcast about knitting.

But I will say this. If the podcast plays music in it, I don't like it. This mostly means that I usually only listen to "Knit Cast". And today, I was going to recommend "The Knitting News" as a good podcast that didn't make me cringe or my brain bleed out my ears. In fact, I was even getting ready to subscribe to this podcast, but listened to the archived ones first.

Well, someone went and screwed it up. They told her she needed to liven it up and play music. WTF? Aren't there enough people out there playing "pod-safe" music that I don't want to hear? (*cough* Cast On *cough*) In fact, the semi decent podcast named "About Time" almost made my I-possibly-could-listen-to-this-every-month list, but.. SHE TOO PLAYS MUSIC.

Why people? Why? Why must you encourage people I want to actually want to hear speak, play music? If I wanted music, I'd turn on the freaking radio. I want knitting content. NOT MUSIC! I want to hear about what these people are knitting, or tips and techniques, or interviews with designers. (Knit Cast pretty much has this last one covered.)

As my frustration with the knitting podcast community grows, I really want to make this clear.

To all of you who do knitting podcasts, or who are thinking about it:

It's not that I don't want to hear what you have to say. I do. It's that I am not going to stick around to hear you say it when you keep playing music that I can get elsewhere on my own. If you want to do a music podcast, then do that, but when you say it's about knitting, well, that's what I want it to be about.


Amie said...

Your knitting style sucks!


Lolly said...

Thanks for the notes on the different podcasts, Laura! I haven't check these out yet - I have heard such mixed reviews.

It was a real pleasure to meet you yesterday! I hope to see you again soon ;)

Southernbird said...

Amie, If you don't like the knitting style, why don't you just say so and not make it a personal attack with rude language?

Laura said...


I'm sorry but please read the next entry, where it explains the whole "your knitting style sucks" reference.

It's a joke. Amie is not being rude, nor attacking me. If someone had put something intentionally rude on my blog, I would have deleted it.

Thank you.