Wednesday, November 02, 2005

8 days left.

8 working days left. WHEEEE! These are the longest days in existance. Especially since the past two days have been my late days and the time change has made it very dark when I leave. At least I only have two more late days left before I am out of there.

I worked on Jayne some last night. A little over halfway done with the top color. But then I had to quit to set up my new friend. My new friend being the CPAP machine I have to sleep with every night now. I took the mask off midway thru the night so I could roll over on my stomach. At least, I think that's why it came off. Who knows! I was asleep.

Hopefully I will finish up Jayne tonight, or at least be ready to move on to the ear flaps.

EDIT: I want to make klaralund but 1. I don't have the book (yet) and 2. My chest is bigger than what the largest measurement is. For anyone that has made it... how hard would it be to adjust it?

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