Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Back to the Specialist again today. Okay, really, back to his lab upstairs. But it means I have to get up earlier and can't really hit snooze as much as I would like to. Hooray for CPAP machines... or something.

I didn't get much knitting done last night. Ok, not a bit. But I did manage to squeeze some in at work while waiting on a software burn that needs to be mailed out first thing this morning. Lord, I hate burning our software. It's tedious to set it up, and even more tedious to make sure you did it right. And then you have to burn it, and then you have to check the burn to make sure it didn't crap itself or leave out any files for some reason. It's fabulous, believe you me.

Regardless, here is Jayne, with about a row since color change, and on sz 10 DPNs. I was told the intended victim for this hat has a really really big head so I am making the larger size. But the boy better have a mongoloid sized head if this hat's gonna fit. That's why I bumped down to the sz 10s. Not that it's a huge difference off from sz 10.5s but it IS smaller.

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