Wednesday, November 09, 2005

All knotted up.

I would love to make the above motif into something all cabley and hawt. However this motif doesn't really lend itself to cabling. After having seen Eunny's freaking awesome instructions on how to map out a cable idea, I just don't see this one working that well. Perhaps it's more of a Gansey motif. I dunno. But I sure as hell wanted it to be sexy cables. Yes, yes I did.

Short day today at work due to a Doc's appt. Yay. Or Boo. Depends on my view at the moment. I got most of my bathroom packed, so the moving business is coming along steadily, if slowly.

A week from today I will be loading a truck and moving to the great white north. I'm not too worried about it really. My biggest concern is how the princess Daisy will adapt. The rest will be fine. I applied to a College Park MD SnB yahoo group yesterday but haven't been accepted yet, and the news on the front page was over a year old. It might be defunct. If anyone is in that area and is interested in starting up a SnB or just casual get togethers to knit now and then, I think it's something I would like to try. I have been a solitary crafter so far, in all things, but that doesn't mean I can't share.. right?


MrsIrB said...

Hmm... Maybe you can modify the ideas from this afghan?

Laura said...

Thanks MrsIrb, I will certainly give it a shot! Hope you are well. Miss you in IRC. (Of course I am not there much right now, but.. end of next week!)

eunny said...

ooooh. Thanks for the plug :) But also - there are easy ways to make infinite lines like that; if you want email me and I will try to talk you through it and we can draw a chart...that's a goodlooking knot!

eunny said...

Duhhh clearly I have comprehension problems today. I have been thinking for a while that I really want to meet more actual real-life knitters; I don't know of any groups yet but you and I absolutely MUST meet and knit and bitch and stitch and all that jazz.

That sounded a little stalker-y...umm...I mean, if you please, we could perhaps get together at a mutally convenient time :)