Thursday, November 10, 2005

Yarn Therapy?

After a less than satisfactory trip to the Doc's, I wanted to spend money. And lo! there is a Hobby Lobby about a block from the office building. I went. They were still having a half off sale for knitting implements. I got yet another pair of the Lion plastic dpns. I can't help myself! I really love them! These were size 5. I now have 5s, 6s, 8s, and 10s in these things. I didn't get 7s because I have dpns in that size already. But it was a temptation, believe me.

I also cheated and got MORE YARN. But just the one little skein, and it doesn't count... I mean... I'm gonna make more washcloths with it... yeah... I didn't get it just because I was feeling pissy and it was really soft or anything..nope. Not me. Ok yes. That's exactly why I got it. But I will make washcloths with it. Probably the reverse-bloom one at that. I am powerless at the thought of (cotton) chenille washcloths, I cannot resist. Have any of you ever made/used a cotton chenille washcloth? DIVINE! And ok so this stuff is acrylic.... It'll be fine...(maybe).

I also bought a package of Bit-O-Honeys. Nothing like a massive amount of sugar to kick you in the ass and cheer you up. Altogether I spent less than 8 bucks. Not only was it good therapy shopping, it was cheap!

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eunny said...

I LOVE Bit-O-Honey! I can't seem to find it often, but when I do I buy enough to stock a bunker.

Sorry you had sort of a sucky day :(