Friday, November 25, 2005

A shopping we will go.

Yes, we went shopping today, on the worst, busiest shopping day of the year. It was ugly. Up at 4:30 and off to Laurel to the Best Buy there. We got 19" flat screens, which gave us so much more room on the desk. I love them. Warcraft is really brilliant on them. And! While we were in line waiting, I did manage to finish off the changes I had to make to shmoo's green SnBN cabled hat. For some reason my gauge was tighter than ...(think of something really tight here, all the analogies I can come up with are from IRC and few would understand them) and the hat turned was originally several inches too small. I was going to do the ribbing on it futher down but I did something funny when I picked up the stitches and so it looked wonky, so I just made some stripes of reverse stockette. I'll take a new pic after I get it reblocked. Our water is out right now, so look for that tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday, I cooked for 6 hours. Our oven is small so I could pretty much only cook one thing at a time. I did manage to stagger the casseroles nicely however. The turkey tasted great, it just didn't turn out as pretty as I would have liked. And the corn muffins didn't brown on top like they should have. It's possible that it was the cornmeal as it was the first time I have used that brand, I have no idea. Anyway, pics.

I made my mother's brocoli casserole, my grandmother's sweet potato soufle, and my grandfather's cornbread. Despite not being with my family this year, I was with them and they were with me. Also, shmoo loved the food. :)


phiestybritches said...

Looks like a great meal. Well done under the circumstances. Looking forward to the hat pics!

MrsIrB said...

Tighter than Morphy's cat?


Laura said...

LOL! Actually I was thinking "Bela's cat" but then I ealized no one would understand.