Sunday, November 20, 2005

Still Unpacking....

I am still unpacking and as I do I wonder why in the world I kept some of this stuff. I could surely live without it. Sadly, I am a packrat. I horde things in case I might need them later.

We took the Budget truck back yesterday, and went shopping. I got the fixing for our Thanksgiving dinner, and various random other stuff. We were hungry while we were shopping, and everyone knows how that goes. We won't need to shop for 3 weeks.

I have decided that Ikea is a fabulous place. We bought some of their meatballs the other day, and so yesterday I made Swedish Meatballs with Fettucini. It was pretty good. Next time I want to make the sauce entirely from scratch though because I doctored the mix on this one a bit as it was. I imagine a completely homemade sauce would be really awesome. There was enough left over to send it to work with shmoo and have some left for my lunch today. Whee.

I had some yarn come in I ordered off Ebay as well. It's hand painted cotton. I think the vendor was Mystical Creations Yarn, but I am too lazy to go look right now. When I find my camera I will throw up some pics of what it looks like. It's a smaller cotton than I was expecting. Perhaps because the weight of the last cotton I got from them was so much thicker. No idea.

The dog and cat have not killed each other yet. There is hope that they won't. It increases with each passing day.

Sadly, I have no knitting to report. I have decided I need to make new scarfs for both shmoo and myself. It's cold here. I need wool.

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