Wednesday, November 23, 2005


My sock is not progressing so well. Mostly because I had to frog it twice yesterday. I misread the instructions for the heel wrong. Twice. So after feeling really stupid, I think I have it now and have started on it yet again. I just haven't made it that far.

And my poor shrug. Still sitting on the speaker where I left it. Quietly accusing me of abandonment every time I walk by. I am immune to your guilt little shrug! Immune!

Today however, will most likely be a day of crochet. I want a scarf, and I want it now, that means crochet. I want a scarf for shmoo too, despite him not needing one as much because he has a high collar on his jacket. Winter is here (at least to me) and something MUST be done about it.

I am also considering trying to make an artichoke soup. Soup is good when it's cold. And creamy soups even better. From the recipes I found online, (none were found in my cookbooks! I was so disappointed!) it's basically going to be a potato soup with artichoke and leek added in. Probably onions and celery as well. I can still CALL it artichoke soup can't I? Suuuuurrree I can!

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