Sunday, November 06, 2005

Neenja Style Turkey

Yesterday I went to visit my mother, step-father, and brother with full intent on returning home last night. This did not happen. My family suprised me with an early Thanksgiving dinner! Turkey, Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Rolls, Pumpkin Pie! MMMMMM. And then of course a nap on the couch. I ended up spending the night, which was fine, because Daisy always enjoys hanging out there and playing with their dogs. She comes home tired and I get peace and quiet for a few hours. Winners all around.

So, I took my visiting time as knitting time as well and did a bit more on the Shrug. I am really starting to like the feather and fan. It's using much less yarn than the ribbing. It's an easy pattern to keep track of even if I wander off in the middle of a row. I am still not sure how the overall FO will turn out still but I have hope that it will be something I want to wear. (As opposed to something I desperately need to frog....)

Click here if you feel the need to see this in OMGWTFBBQLOL! huge size detail.

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