Friday, November 11, 2005

This Moment.

Sometimes, despite the planning of things, there is a moment, a brief flickering instant where you feel just like you knew you would.







Of these, hopeful is the most important. Hopeful keeps the insanity of the other five from taking over. Hopeful gives you peace. Hopeful lets you believe that it will all be ok.

Today, when I said my goodbyes, and left my job for the last time, I felt all of these things. Moving so far away from my friends and family is turning out to be a big thing. And despite all my planning ahead, and taking care of things in advance, and wondering about contingencies, I am suddenly very nervous about this move.

But mostly, I am hopeful.


AndrewHobbs said...

Laura's last day at her workplace was today. I know what that feels like when the impending move is so close and the first/second/third/final action takes place signalling just how close that really is. I know how hard it is to leave you home state, friends, and your family.

I also know what it's like being far away from your home. It's freakin skeery. Doesn't matter if your 9 or 90. It's tough to pick up and leave, destination unknown. No job, no promise of something better, just hope.

What I DON'T know, is how to help Laura. I care for you deeply, but feel powerless on this end to make it all better. All I can promise is to go through it with you, and arrive with you when you reach your new life.


Phiestybritches said...

Laura and all.
I feel my first comment to your blog should come now. I must echo the soundings of Andy and say it doesn't matter how old or even if you have done this before - leaving everything behind is an exciting/frightening time.
Just remember - your family is always your family and all this move will do is increase it's size and make you happy.
My favorite adage is "become the person you were created to be" - and this will make it happen